• FAQs
Known Issues.

Q: Can I be banned for using this program?
A: Please see Detection status.

Q: My antivirus reports that a virus \ trojan
A: If you downloading the software from this official website, you will not have to worry, just add the program to the exceptions. Programs of this type can contain code fragments that do not like "stupidddd" anti-virus, as well you should think of a better protection, as a rule, such anti-virus software is not able to distinguish malicious code from the useful, and vice versa.

Q: The program reports that it is not configured correctly
A: Install the latest version of Microsoft C++ Redistributable 2010 SP1 x86 and Microsoft C++ Redistributable 2010 x64

Q: The program does not change maximum camera distance.
A: Check that you have correctly configured ini file and you have last ACD version.

Q: I cant download.
A: Disable all AD-block browser extensions. Open download page, wait 5 seconds timer on top-right corner and click SKIP AD button

Anti HWID ban.
For bypass HWID ban by MAC you should use macspoofer. With it you can also setup proxy for HoN auth server for change you IP.
Script run HoN with macspoofer, ACD (if enabled) and proxy (if enabled).
macspoofer not work without HoN Startup Script.bat
Dont use macspoofer with you real account. Create new account for testings.

- Download macspoofer here
- Download batch file HoN Startup Script from here
- Extract macspoofer.zip to any path (path should be without spaces)
- Save HoN Startup Script.bat to same path
- Open for edit HoN Startup Script.bat in any text editor like Notepad or Notepad++
- Change script settings (path to hon.exe; enable ACD; ACD path to auto-start ACD; proxy settings if you need)
- Save script

For prevent gathering other info about you UIDs you can use WMISpoofer or just disable WMI service

- Run script from admin HoN Startup Script.bat

Renew (rotate) MACs.
Just goto macspoofer path and remove hidden file .random_seed Its regenerate your fake MACs.