• Adjustable Camera Distance v1.6.4
Program for online game Heroes Of Newerth. Changes the maximum camera distance limit.


Version 1.6.4 changes:
  • Added support x64 arch game client.
  • In x64 arch scripts replaced with library for time.
  • [x32\x64] Added patch for remove fog on top of view.
Version 1.6.3 changes:
  • Fixed massive broken main patterns after patch.
  • Added some protection from future possible camera distance logging.
Version 1.6.2 changes:
  • Removed EasyDeny support. In game 3.7.13 patch easydeny added as part of game, use game options for enable it. Thanks S2.
  • Removed EasyDeny inject symbol.
Version 1.6.1 changes:
  • Scripts updated for 3.7 game version: Windows XP x32 new symbols search method.
Version 1.6 changes:
  • UniCheat updated, also for Windows 10 support.
  • New web-based scripts \ symbols subsytem for protecton original ACD version.
  • TODO: improve mentoring system passing.
  • TODO: local scripts cache.
Version 1.5 changes:
  • Fixed EasyDeny search pattern because S2 added cvar cg_rightClickIgnoresAllies (anti-miss-clicking stuff I think).
  • With EasyDeny is enabled then cvar cg_rightClickIgnoresAllies not work ofc.
  • Changed CamDist pattern in game >= 3.4.0
Version 1.4 changes:
  • S2 Raped again.
  • UniCheat updated, full information in UniCheat wiki.
  • Ini file updated.
    • Added parameter MapConstraint in [CameraDistance] section. It changing value of 'cam_mapConstraints' game cvar.
    • Added parameter ZoomStep in [CameraDistance] section. It camera mousewheel step
    • Added comments
  • Fully rewritten the camdist algorithm
    • Removed old protection for cvar checks. More is not necessary.
    • Removed old reset camera at game start(fixes possible crash at game start in future). More is not necessary.
    • Removed scripts/camdistInit.acs. More is not necessary. Fixed possible crashes when loading HoN and ACD separately. (Start HoN, start game, Alt-TAB, start ACD).
  • Added protection from mentoring system permanently. Now actual camera distance not sent to S2 (If it's greater than maximum default). Never!
  • Added window background.
  • Garena full support.
  • Reformated all changelog.
  • Changed homepage and update address.

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Downloads for game Heroes of Newerth.
Important! File name of the downloaded file ACDx64-HoN-1.6.4.zip , do not download any other files from the link, they are issued by the ADS aggregator
TIP! x64 required Microsoft C++ Redistributable 2010 x64 to start.

Important! File name of the downloaded file ACDx32-HoN-1.6.4.zip , do not download any other files from the link, they are issued by the ADS aggregator
TIP! x32 required Microsoft C++ Redistributable 2010 SP1 x86 to start.

Downloads for game Strife.